Another Start

(ed. note:  this was written on Tuesday, May 1st. . .  but due to certain internet connections was not posted.)
Someday I'm going to listen to myself.  I knew that I should have posted a few times last week because now I'm in the thick of it again and I shouldn't spend much time on this.  For those interested I was able to upload quite a few photos to Flickr last week and a few of them actually have captions.  Not the most exciting photos in the world, as usual, but if you're not in the most exciting place in the world. . . .

This last weekend I did get a little more time to enjoy myself and there were interesting goings on as well.  I was privy to a seafood dinner that would have made Poseidon weep, taught BB cribbage and played some pretty good games, possibly enjoyed a tasty beverage derived from grapes and/or barley, was awakened by a rather soothing fire alarm at four am and caught some nice views along the coast to the West and North of Brest.

So the Constellation came into dock this morning at seven am.  She's still in the water but they're finally settling her on the blocks and she should be dry by three am.  Unfortunately, it was a holiday here in France so I achieved a lot less than I should have on the logistics end. . . but it was foreseen by all.  Wish I could think of something interesting to write but all my thoughts seem to revolve around PO numbers, gnomes, target arrival dates and the joy of finally getting a good cabin on the ship.

'Suppose I should mention that I made friends early with the Hotel Director and secured myself a cabin on Deck Eight this time, as opposed to Deck Two on the Millennium.  Balcony and all, baby.  Sah-wheat.  I'm off to enjoy it a bit.

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Anonymous said...

you may be aware of this, I hope you are, but just want to make sure...... you keep mentioning gnomes.
are these sub conscious inclusions, some sort of fetish, or is it maybe what they call contractors in france?
as long as you are aware of it, but if you ever mention that the gnomes are coming for you, we'll send in the marines. or maybe a shrink.
ik out