This Is Fred

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Fred is one of the Port Agents for our ship here in Brest.
Fred is a typical French guy, near as I can tell. Without Fred my time here would have been much more difficult. Case in point, in the picture here Fred is standing next to what? You guessed it, Admiral mattresses. This picture was taken when he and I were moving about two hundred of these delightful beauties within the warehouse because the roof had started leaking right above the middle of the pile. Don't think I've shared this story yet but trust me, that's water at Fred's feet.

Today provided the strongest and most constant winds. Thankfully not too much rain, but the wind made up for the lack of the other. Won't bore people today.

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Susan said...

Wow, now that i have caught up and read everything you've written the last month sounds like quite the least Fred has a smile on his face....