Like Fat Slices of Sashimi?

I'm gonna have to go ahead and brag here about the sushi you can find in that beautiful city of Vancouver. I was lucky enough to eat at a place called Samurai twice when I visited most recently and even though I've been there quite a few times in the past I can never get over the quality, size and price of their sashimi and, well, everything else.
Seriously this place is right downtown in a really trendy part of the city yet I think these plates cost something like 30-35 bucks total! Hello, maybe less (cause there's always a little sake involved).  And in case you can't tell the Rainbow and Dragon rolls feature pieces so large that you can't even come close to getting the whole thing in your mouth. And once you perverts get yer minds outta the gutter I will tell you they also include real crab at no extra cost.
Just one more thing to love about Vancouver besides the wonderful location and fantastic friends I have up there. May have to return in less than three years this time.



Had a great time touring Vancouver with an old friend yesterday.



Checking In

Been working sixteen hour days on the Celebrity Mercury transformation into Mein Schiff 2 here in Bremerhaven, Germany.  I wouldn't say good times exactly. . . a bit dry for my normal habits if you know what I mean.  However, we've gotten a good start and a veritable metric ton of work done every day so I guess job satisfaction will have to be my current drug.  May get a few hours off this weekend. . . wishful thinking is just that.


2011. . . For Now

I'm trying out TripIt to keep better track of my travels but I think without a Pro Account it is pretty generic and has a few quirks. Prime example is that the automatically generated calendar below shows my trip from Turku to Copenhagen on January thirtieth but fails to show the second leg of that trip which will take me to Bremen where I actually have work to do. Not that I wouldn't mind working in Copenhagen but. . . well, I guess I am "stuck" there for eight hours so maybe the program assumes I'll be staying.

My work in Copenhagen will have to consist of working at the bars for a few hours.