And We're Back. . .

Well, that's that.  No problems with the flights.  Got in yesterday afternoon.  Had a drink with the roommate, had some sushi, went to bed.  Felt pretty good this morning but it was pretty strange to "come into the office."  Hasn't exactly bored me to death.  Obviously everyone is still new to me and one of the managers showed me around and introduced me a little more thoroughly than before.  Of course my laptop couldn't connect to the network when I first got in because of some settings that had been changed by the shipboard IT guys.  Largest inbox load I've witnessed so far for my work account.  Still can't find my second paycheck from back in April so payroll is cutting another one.  Expense reports need to be approved by my boss who's on a medical leave so that won't happen.  Good times all around. 
Gotta get back to work but hoping to play with pictures and what not later at home. . . though maybe I'll just find a baseball game on the telly and veg out tonight.  Made a whole list of things I 'should' take care of before I leave for AZ on Friday but I think we all know how that's gonna go.  Who needs to change insurance on their car or buy new shoes or any of that crap anyway?  Hell, if nothing else I need to find a laundry-by-the-pound place STAT cause my unpacked suitcase ain't lookin' too pretty. 
The logistics of packing. 
I knew I was unprepared for what I would face on drydock so my packing skills were tested.  Here's a list of what I got rid of while on drydock and then the list of the items I acquired.  The second list is rather large but I assure you that some of it was necessary.
Old pair of running shoes.
Really old pair of sandals.
Couple of old t-shirts that weren't fairing so well.
One pair of heavy work pants (from one of the contractors).
Two pair of work gloves (cause I'm a cheap bastard and you can never have too many work gloves).
Seven t-shirts (three were for BB and all of them were free).
One record and four CDs (cause I can't just live somewhere for two months and not sample the music).
One Big**s Jar of Nutella (no explanation required).
One new CelebrityCruises deck jacket (pretty spiffy but like most things just doesn't quite fit me).
Bottle of wine (for the roommate).
AND four pair of Celebrity coveralls.
I feel like I'm forgetting a few things but since this isn't that interesting anyway. . . who cares.  Needless to say my suitcase was a little overstuffed upon my return and found itself marked heavy (like it's owner) at the airport.  Suppose I should find some work to do while I'm here.  Maybe I'll enroll for some benefits.  Now THAT sounds like some good times.  Like my man Big Johnny or DC says. . . keep the rubber side down.

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