Heading Back To So Flo

My brother asked me tonight if it was strange to think about going back to Florida after about nine weeks away. Not as weird as you would think. Last year I spent almost half the year out of Florida and this year I'm looking at pulling well over six months away from "home." My schedule this summer (between weddings and work) dictates that I won't be in any one place longer than two weeks until December (and even that isn't for sure depending on if I take off for Christmas early). Welp, I'm not complaining, just stating facts. I'll be back in Florida tomorrow afternoon and back at work on Monday but I hope to get some snorkeling and other beach fun in pretty soon.

This past week in Idaho has been great. I haven't set an alarm since Monday (I think) and that wasn't for any specific reason. . . probably just habit I guess. Unfortunately I'm not the shiniest muffin in the tin and I booked a flight at seven in the morning for tomorrow out of Boise. Yeah, uh, Boise is two hours from Twin Falls so I pretty well doomed my day (and my mom's) with that little maneuver. Could be worse.


For those of you listed as my friends and family on flickr you can see plenty of pics of my brother's two little girls. . . the rest of you will have to make due with the same ol' dry dock pictures. Suppose I best call it an early night. Wouldn't want to have too much fun on my last night of vacation.


Back In The USA

Sittin' in the Portland airport for a few hours, waiting for a flight to Boise to go see family in Idaho. Got myself a week off and I plan to use it to get absolutely no work accomplished. (Ok, that's a lie of course but I swear I'll be doing very little. I just cleaned out my work inbox and am ready to shut this computer down for everything except personal fun.) Hoping to spend my time playing with the nieces, sleeping and anything involving the outdoors. There are some hot springs just south of Twin that I went to when I was a tour guide. . . sounds good to me.

Recently I spent 2 weeks in Victoria for a dry dock of the Millennium. Victoria is a great city and to have it sandwiched between time spent eating sushi in Vancouver is exceptional. I only got out a few nights in Victoria but after being on dry dock for a while every night out, even for a single beer, is a glorious victory. A buddy in Vancouver hooked up some tickets to the International Rugby Test between Canada and Ireland yesterday and thankfully Ireland was fielding it's C squad so they only beat Canada by 19. Ok, it was brutally clear how far behind Ireland is when it comes to rugby but it was still a good time.

The dry dock itself went pretty well after the first few days. Celebrity threw about 10 million into the refurbishment of the hotel side of the Millennium and the marine side saw some new bearings into both azipods and one new slewing bearing as well. Pictures up on Flickr if anyone is interested. Took a small seaplane from Victoria harbor right down town to downtown Vancouver. . . if you're ever up that way I'd strongly suggest it. Shot of Victoria as we were flying out.

Victoria From Air

Currently trying my 3rd type of beer here at PDX from Laurelwood Beers, "Portland's Original Certified Organic Brewery." Didn't know such certifications existed but I must say the Tree Hugger Porter, Space Stout and Hooligan beers offered by this company don't need any organic cert to convince me they're good.

Okay, enough procrastination. . . my gmail inbox needs cleaning even more than my work inbox did.

Nothing But A Few New Pictures

And Flickr is the only place to find them online. (I swear this isn't a commercial endorsement for any websites and I also swear that I don't care if anyone thinks it is.) Just look at the pictures.