Quite a Gap
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This picture is actually from the Millennium but the ships are almost identical so it don't much really matter, I s'pose.

Tired. Rainy and windy today with a chance of hard work. My pretty white coveralls have become a color somewhat darker and everything from my waist down is still drenched. Have I mentioned that the "uniform" for drydocks is either white or blue Celebrity coveralls? I look like the Stay Puft marshmallow man in my whites. Suppose I should go take a shower or something sensible like that.

Just wanted to do something a little dumb, so I did. Bought a plane ticket to Flagstaff for Memorial Day weekend. Last year I was there at the same time because the Summit Center Classic is that weekend. Four stage road bike race in various parts of Northern Arizona. Good times. Anyway, the race director is my old college roommate so hopefully I'll be able to help out. Anyway, get back from France on Tuesday, leave for Arizona on Friday. . . culture shock here I come.

Got another semi-unexpected truckload of mattresses today. The eighth. We've now got a thousand mattresses on board and another six hundred still in the warehouse. Also loaded about forty rolls of carpet today. . . and it's a good thing we did them two at a time like Noah and that ark because it was lookin' to rain so hard we would have had to get back on the ship to survive.

Tomorrow morning the yard is doing another interesting steel project. Lifting eight new crew cabins onto the bow in one fell swoop. Gonna be a pretty big piece of steel up in the air. Try to have pictures at some point but as usual the connection here probably won't allow it.

Off for shower, dinner, beer. . . yes, in that order.

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