It Ain't Over

Maybe it'll never be over.  Another miserable day here weather-wise but things are still moving along as smoothly as might be hoped for in my world.  Had a few beers last night with some sub-contractors from Liverpool and that helped to take my mind off things to come.  Not too worry, I'm upbeat and jokin' around. . . just starting to look toward the finish line.
Logistics Update:  Turns out that corporate didn't like the idea of the remaining mattresses going to Poland for loading so I'll now be getting two more trucks a day or two before this thing ends.  If you're keeping count that'll make the full complement of two thousand mattresses loaded on board.  By the way, there's an equal number of old mats. to dispose of.  Discovered there are five (5? Holy. . . ) containers arriving with all manner of linens inside.  Not my friendly 20-footers either, mind you.  Naw Baby, we're talkin' about the regular 40-foot sea containers.  Good times.  Saw a giant hunk of steel mounted on the bow this morning, the pictures may be worth a damn if I can ever get them online.  Weather was bad enough and my schedule is good enough that I told the riggers to quit working around four o'clock this afternoon.  Slight gift of an hour and a half sitting in their comfy van rather than schlepping around in the wind and rain.  Too dangerous for the crane to be lifting the loads I have left anyway.
So plans fail and jobs continue.  Wish I had more social updates to write about.  Just livin' the life.  Male to female ratio on this ship is about a hundred to one. . . against. . . me.  I suppose I have to concede that all men are in the same situation here but I gotta say that it would be nice to have a female around to talk to.  Hell, maybe we could even talk about something other than work.

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