The Riggers

I present to you (from left to right) Jean-Phillipe, Jimmy and Claude. Phillipe is the head rigger and we communicate more in Spanish than any other language. Jimmy speaks a bit of English and that's a lifesaver. Claude was a commercial fisherman in Newfoundland for ten years and a boxer for 5. . . both of those activities may have affected his brain. There's a fourth guy with no teeth but I didn't get a good shot of him (maybe it's for the best). So, those are the guys I work with the most. Exciting, no?

Pretty decent day today. Still a lot of wind but got plenty done. Gonna be in a bad way come Tuesday though. "They" are trying to shove the remaining mattresses down our throats on the same day that we're receiving the five containers with linen. Poor hotel people will be carrying cloth all day long. Sort of have a day off tomorrow. Get to sleep in and then all I have to do is review my exit strategy for the end of this availability and make a list of what is going to need to be shipped where.

Thinking about taking a drive somewhere. . . we'll see. As of right now I'm still planning on staying the weekend after the ship leaves next Friday so I'll have plenty of time to go somewhere. Might hit up Le Havre cause mi madre says that's where some of our great-great-great-somethin'-or-others departed from when they left Germany and came to the states. Could do Paris but it's about a six hour drive.

Ended the rigger's workday by splitting a case of beer with them, the crane op, BB, assistant superintendent engineer, Fred and a few other randumbs. I ended the work day a little early for the riggers and crane op and we all just sat around right on the pier drinking beer. Briefly reminded me of that scene in Shawshank Redemption when they're drinking beer on that roof and are able to forget they are imprisoned men. Thankfully my cabin is a little nicer than a prison cell at the end of the day. . . but I did say it was just a brief feeling.

Looks like I'm staying in tonight. Read a little, maybe watch a flick. It'll be reeeaaaaallllll nice to sleep in tomorrow. If I were more dedicated to this whole web 2.0 thang I'd stay here in the conference room uploading photos onto Flickr. It ain't gonna happen.

KB says murrr.

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Anonymous said...

spanks for the post diffle - ron. Good to know your earnin your keep, & not havin the french fart in your general direction, callin your father a hampster & your mother a ssssssssnnnnnnnigget. how you plannin on dealin w/ the nutella withdraw when you get back, or are you smigglin a pallet on the ship to be offloaded in FL? figure your suitcase can only hold so much.