Writing to Write

Well, I finally took receipt of my new Apple PowerBook. Boss machine if ever there was one on this earth. Hopefully I will actually use it's fantastic capabilities to keep up with family and friends while I'm on the road. . . you know, my 36-state diffle-bopping tour? Ah, then you've heard of it. Good. For those family members that don't know exactly what I'm doing I guess I should elaborate.

At the risk of putting a huge jinx on the whole thing I will elaborate. Sometime in March or April I should be joining a little organization called Trek America as a tour guide. Let me first assure you that I won't be at Universal Studios with a blonde wig and mini-skirt warning my tour group to watch out for the big shark on the right. . . .although I did initially look at heading that direction. But it was not to be (they said something about my fat ankles and I stormed out). The real deal is that Trek does tours across the United States, Latin America and Australia. You can find out more at

In my wildest dreams I will be posting regular updates and pictures because this job will last at least six months and it's not guaranteed that I will be making my way through San Francisco at any point. On the flip side of that, there is just as much of a possibility that I will be coming through SF on a regular basis. If that happens I will most certainly 'make plays' (as the kids say)to try to see certain family members. Which family members I see will be decided on a sliding scale depending upon the quality, or sheer outlandishness, of the dinner that will be served that evening. Sign up early, the good nights may go fast.

(ed. note: It's a good thing my ego never gets tired cause I certainly do give it a workout.)

Some of you know that I did fairly well last year; decent job, new car, renting a room in a huge house (no matter how much of it was under construction we always had somewhere to go), etc. etc. So why am I embarking upon this new, very low paying, adventure? I'm glad you asked that. I'll give you my answer in a thirty-six part essay starting now. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or maybe not. Stability is great, but the reality is that my life is incredibly susceptible to instability. Meaning, I have no woman, no house and no dog. In addition, I also have a great base of family willing to support almost any decision I make and really I just want to get the hell out of Dodge for a little while before I return and possibly 'settle' a little.

Trek America will provide me the opportunity to visit and learn about cities and national parks I haven't been to in this country. It will introduce me to an enormous new base of friends from all over the world. It may also satisfy some of my wanderlust, which is not to be confused with any other type of lust. In general, there was no way I could pass up the opportunity to become a Trek leader for a summer.

I hope everyone reading this is healthy, happy and aware of the great opportunities that are afforded to us in this oft contentious land.


Bopping a Diffle

dif-fle-bop-per (dif-full-bop-er) noun 1. a person who enjoys the majestic pastime of vexing diffles, usually by striking them about the head and shoulders.
(a la Little Bunny Foo Foo who was known to pick up field mice and bop them upon the head.)
2. a member of the Ditlefsen clan.

diffle (dif-full) noun 1. a rare type of North America snipe. (usually found in dense brush)
2. a moniker for close-minded people.