Enemy Thy Name Is Admiral

Been a long day again. 
More fun with mattresses. . . they are Admiral mattresses.  Took a lot of fun pictures of fifty guys dragging them across the gangway onto the ship.  Last resort when the wind is blowing so hard you can't land a 20' container on the top deck.  Takes a lot of wind to make a box that big swing like it was.  Didn't actually rain that much today, though, so I got that goin' for me. . . which is nice.  Of course my ears were frozen, but who's complaining.
Can't think of anything else I did of consequence.  I did get out of the yard and drove up to the mall with one of the planners.  Done gone and bought myself some new sunglasses (sat on the old ones) and finally found a suitable patch to remind me of my time in this area.  The patch is of the flag of Brittany (this region) and is easily the most expensive patch I have ever bought at almost seven EUROS!  Funniest part is that the patch is tiny. . . I got me a HUGE patch from the Grand Canyon and I think that puppy only cost me tree-fitty in good ol' dinero de los Estados Unidos.
I'm out with a shout.  Gotta get some shut eye.  Oh yeah, everyone should know that I now drive a Punto.  I had a rental car with some regular type name but it was switched out today for this one.  Now I know my Spanish is more than a little rusty but isn't Punto a bad word. . . or very close to one?
As my brother Ik puts it,

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