One Man Sub

One Man Sub
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This past weekend was cool. Got me a rental car that goes and took Saturday and Sunday off. BB and I walked all over Brest (kinky) on Saturday and drove South down the coast on Sunday to see some smaller cities and take in the coast and country side.

On Saturday we hit the Maritime Museum for a few hours in the morning and found this gem from WWII (I think). One man sub made out of a torpedo with another torpedo mounted underneath. Sounds smart to me. I had heard of these before but it was pretty bizzare to see one up close. The musee was decent but the fort it is housed in stole the show. Parts of the fort have been there since the Romans built it seventeen-hundred years ago. Views from atop the fort allowed some of the Best angles that I've had of Brest so far. . . if you're into that sort of thing you can see a few of the pictures up on Flickr. . . but remember that the pictures are of Brest, not breast.

Had a killer seafood casserole for lunch at a local place and then checked out some other parts of downtown that I hadn't seen yet. Didn't get too many good shots off downtown, might be due to lack of subject matter. I also don't photograph churches as often as I used to (could be the atheism) so that cuts down on picture options in European towns. Did get a good one from a town called Douarnenez down the coast a ways; try to get it up later.

Saturday night we ate at Le Boeuf Sur Le Quai. Pretty darn good steak, beer and creme brulee. . . and all for less than my expense account allows. Amazingly I am attempting to be financially responsible over here. Really no reason I shouldn't just spend the money the company gives me and call it a day.

Sunday was pretty nice. Picked up a map and just headed South with no real plan. Went through a few smaller towns like Crozon, Douarnenez and Quimper. Not much open though on a Sunday that also featured the first round of the French presidential election. The field was narrowed down from 12 candidates (including three major contenders) to just two who will have a runoff in two weeks. Anyone taking notes? . . . THREE viable candidates pared down to two for a second election in Two Weeks. Sounds better than what we're used to in the States.

Sunday dinner involved more crepes but I didn't spend much time translating the ingredients and ended up with some funky, funky stuff on my plate. Still interesting and I'll know what to stay away from in the future. Still quite a few good places to eat at in town including one sushi restaurant. . . but when we stopped in there once before the staff either spoke no English whatsoever or at least pretended they didn't. Have to bribe a local to go in with us.

Should be able to provide regular updates this week. BB and I have a decent office at the shipyard with a good 'net connection (Finally!) so we'll probably be in for regular eight hour days. Love to hear from people back home to find out what the goins-on are.

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