But I Don't Wanna Learn French

Well, things here have gotten a little better and they will continue to be good tomorrow. Why, you ask? Easy. The magic of Easter. That's right, little fluffy bunnies running all over the shipyard laying mystical (and slightly painful) eggs of reprieve. It's almost true. Apparently Easter is an important enough holiday over here than nobody works all weekend and they have Monday off to boot. Good for them. Guess I can't complain however. The shipyard's lack of progress translates into a bit of time for me to actually learn what I'm supposed to be doing over here. Don't get me wrong, I know an awful lot about the industry from my days at SFD but doing this work from the side of the cruise liners is a whole different world.

So, yes, things have gotten a little better for me over here. Small miracles; my own room, occasional running water (sometimes it's even hot), a few beers with the fellas in town and a little bit of work actually accomplished. I've been lucky enough to have another Project Manager with me here in Brest. He's been with the company a few years and has been showing me the ropes, as they say. Unfortunately he's leaving early Tuesday morning so my life will certainly become more painful at that time. FYI, Brest is nine hours ahead of California in terms of time. . . though not

I could write more but I should be working. I'll try to get a few pictures up hopefully tomorrow before things get crazy. Looks like I'll definitely be here through our second job which means I'll be here thru May 20th or so. With a little luck I'll have a hotel and a little time off in between the two vessels (Celebrity Millenium and Constellation).

Peace and Cheetos (or Peaceful Cheetos?).

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Anonymous said...

I always thought it was peace for cheetos. @ least you've gotten to see some of the french brest. (wee, i am zee crud americannn, wis zey how you say: cheep boob jokes) hope ya don't get any burns learnin dem ropes

peace & cheescurds