. . . And That's How That Goes

Well, I'm already worried that I won't be able to update my blog as often as I thought.  I found out yesterday during my first day of work that my initial tour of service will not
be taking me to San Francisco as I was previously told but rather I'll be heading to France.  France doesn't bother me too much and even the fact that I'll be flying out today or tomorrow doesn't have any great weight on my mind. . . but the fact that I might be there until the end of May???  Weeeeeeelllll, I gotta admit that now I've got a lot to think about over the next few hours.

So!  Just bought some new luggage and now I'm gonna try to pack for a month and a half.  If I don't fly out tonight then I'll try to update this again and maybe even get to a few emails that people have been kind enough to send me.  Of course, who knows if this whole thing will get called off at the last second anyway. . .


Lisa said...

Remember me?
This is Lisa Hultgren... well since 2001 I've been Lisa Langdale. I've been looking for fellow Redwood Hights graduates and look who I found!
Anyway, I'll keep this short since I don't know how often you check this... anyway drop me a line when you have a chance! Sounds like you've been to all corners of the world! I only read your most recent blog but it sounds like you're a busy guy!
Take Care!

Gnome said...

You a funny mother fucker.