Crepes Are Gooooooood

Got off the ship twice yesterday; once in the afternoon for a little stroll around downtown Brest and again in the evening for a fantastic dinner. Both times I was in the presence of a younger dude from Nantes, France. He found a place for us to eat and we took advantage.

Started the meal with small glass of wine that was like a mescal or port. Ordered up a couple of crepes and enjoyed some light cider. The crepes were amazing. The options for fillings are seemingly endless and they range from basic to amazing. Think of ordering an omelet essentially. I had a basic tomato, sausage and mushroom crepe to start and then a seafood mix for the second. I literally cannot adequately describe how good the seafood crepe was. For desert, why not have a crepe? A whole separate menu has crepes made with flour (though I can't remember what the first crepes were made of. . . some local dough found only in this region of France which is called Brittany). Decided upon a banana and chocolate crepe for dessert while one of my companions opted for his a flambe. Once again, good beyond belief.

We tried a few other things that the server was kind enough to bring us samples of and then ended with a digestive that was essentially a wonderfully smooth scotch. The dinner probably would have only been about 20-25 Euros for each of us but the supplier picked it up on his company expense account. . . good action. I should be staying in a hotel downtown between the two vessels that we're working on and I will probably have quite a few more crepe experiences.

As my brother says. . . A-out.

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