In St. Nazaire

Got into this here one horse town yesterday and I will freely admit that I ain't hardly done a thing since checking into the hotel. A visit to the store with the mad-Greek I'm traveling with and I've even managed not to eat out today since my room is surprisingly equipped with a kitchen. (I would call it a kitchenette but since I find that word incredibly silly I won't.)

Probably not something I should write on a blog that I now know people from work might check but I certainly haven't done an overabundance of work yesterday and today. I find it hard to get motivated when any plans I make will likely be thrown out of the window and any tracking of materials I do will probably turn out to be incorrect upon my arrival at the local warehouse tomorrow. Hard to explain but it goes without saying that inevitably any information I gather right now will not be able to answer the specific questions my superiors will have tomorrow.

But I regress, or digest. . . or something. So I guess I'll just give an actual update to my "schedule." St. Nazaire Monday followed by a few hours in La Rochelle Tuesday and then back to St. Nazaire. With a little luck I'll catch a flight out of Nantes Tuesday night or Wednesday morning but I suppose a train ride may be in my future as well. But I'm thinking I'll definitely be in Hamburg sometime Wednesday and that's good. A few days to actually organize on site and with people who will be helping me. Luckily I have worked in this yard before (Azamara Quest in Sept/Oct) so there's no real learning curve.

Sure wish this tv had an SAP channel in English. Congratulations to my oldest brother who got quite a few points from the last post. Unfortunately, since he had to cheat on the last quote he'll probably end up in the negative this round. Tough luck, brotha. Perhaps it's time to introduce the kid to South Park.


TmfC said...

For those of us who try to compete in the contests, you should at least have the common decency to post the answers upon One Ruler's Victory

OneRuler said...

Here ya go TC ... although I think Ikabod actually beat me to the punch in being the first to answer most of these.

* BC = Bloom County (or Bill the Cat)

* Thbbbbbbbbbthbthpbthpbthpbthpbthpbthpbthpbpbpbthpbbbbththth. = Bill the Cat (and/or Opus) blowing a tongue-raspberry.

* 27 (in a flaming voice) = Simpsons

* "NOW PUT ON CARTOOOOOOOOONS!!!!!!" = Dana Carvey

* Tri-lambda score over the jocks = (Shit. I thought I could cheat and just google this one, but all I get is the Alpha Beta score of 69 over the nerds score of 0, as referenced

* And, for the finale ... $Tree-fitty. This one, I didn't know. I'm disappointed in myself. However, in another interesting side note, Google has already indexed Hey-Ron's blog entry, as you can tell if you search for "That'll be tree-fitty.", and he's even got 2nd place in the results! ( How's that for 15-seconds of internet fame? Anyway, finally found the answer, although I don't deserve it. Tree-fitty = South Park - Loch Ness Monster. I guess I just haven't seen any of those episodes.

Howdya like them apples? (says the guy with the most pathetic movie quotes ever.)

TmfC said...

Thanks for the fill-in Ed. I actually had the "27" and the "Tree-fity" but decided not to buzz in since I knew that I was looking at a silver medal at best for not knowing B.C. or Opus. All well, maybe next time, or the time after that, hell, I'd settle for any time at this point.