Ham It Up

Been in Hamburg a few days now. It's cold and I like it. Got out with some co-workers last night; good German restaurant, couple of bars on the Reeperbahn. Nice to get out but knowing that work will still be there the next day dampens the mood. The ship comes in early evening and ties up at a container pier near the shipyard. Tomorrow we've got a barge and a crane set up (to work separately oddly enough) trying to get materials on the ship and trash off of it. Probably board the ship tomorrow late in the afternoon. Then I'll find out if the hotel director booked the presidential suite for me or not.

Shipyard is a mess. Moving everything over here was the easy part. Now people start asking for things and I get to find them. . . or not find them, depending on the part. Don't really feel amusing at the moment so I won't try.

Picture is of the Summit in San Juan when I went down there to pre-load. Just to give some sort of representation of this vessel I'll be working on starting tomorrow.

SM in San Juan

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Anonymous said...

Hi AD.
Guess who is posting. Some rumor says vessel has arrived yesterday night ... docked away from shipyard and rumour says that today you managed to send a barge from yard to vessel to anticipate some loading.Congratulations for that.
Yes you have been out with some work relations 2 days ago, US + Greeks and even some Frenchies.
See you soon.