I Love Silicon

As usual I have to start by asking a certain number of people in the reading audience to get their minds out of the gutter. The silicon that I love is the paint they are putting on most of the hull of the Summit this week. Apparently the stuff is scary enough that the shipyard won't let people out onto the piers while they are spraying. What that means for me is some much needed inbox-clearing-time and a slight chance to work on the next ship coming in. So, today and tomorrow I get an extra two daylight hours at the computer, which is actually a good thing, and in a big way it makes the day seem easier.

Of course weekends in shipyards are always just a little bit slower. With all the overtime charges each department gets rid of whatever people they can but all in all it's still 7-days a week for most people. Man, that was some boring shit I just wrote. I guess I got nuthin'. It's only quarter past eleven but I think I'll turn in. Tempted to take a day to sleep in tomorrow but think I'll get up instead and maybe take a nap while they're painting. Aww, who am I kidding. . . since I think it will be an easy day manana it will probably be a nightmare.


Put a ton of pictures up on flickr of the diesel generator part of the project. Wouldn't normally do so many but we're supposed to provide pictures back to the corporate office but our Internet connection on the ship is so slow that it was more certain that I could post pictures online than email them back to the office. The four gigabyte card in my camera is already hurtin' pretty bad. I've toyed with the idea of taking pictures instead of written notes during the day on the pier. . . probably not quite there yet.

I seem to remember something I wrote a lot this time last year in Europe and it strikes me as appropriate now.

"The good times are killing me."

(And a shiny new Euro goes to the man, woman, child, lemur, wildebeest or hobo who can tell me the band who has an album by the same name as that quote."

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TmfC said...

I think that it was actually two years ago that we were both staggering around the greater European area slurring those words. At least it was two years for me, perhaps you had a relapse a year later. Fortunately, it never gets old and it will always apply. I was thinking about answering the posted question; however, seeing as how I racked up 474K points just a few days ago, I will defer this particular challenge and leave the grand prize of $1.57 as a tempting incentive for someone out there on the various internets to prove that there are people besides your brothers and me that regularly read your rants. Cause that's just the kind of guy that I am.