Chilly Willy

Those of you with dirty minds take two steps back in this game of redlight, greenlight that we call life.

Been in Papenburg, Germany since Sunday on an "emergency" call to the Eclipse new build project. (All my best to Skip's mom, and Skip himself, during this tough time.)

Whelp, turns out it's cold in northern Germany this time o' year. . . who'da thunk it? This morning it was minus four on the ol' celciometer. Cold and gray and meanwhile it was actually NICE in Miami for once right before I left. Ah well, at least I can work out a bit without sweating too much (of course "working out" in this environment involves me either stacking pallets, wrapping pallets or pushin' the ol' pallet jack around the warehouse for hours on end (and by "jack" I'm not referring to my co-worker who's first name isn't Pallet but it happens to be Jack. . . yeah, he's too old to push around) which can be fun but gets a little old on the ol' back) which is completely different than Miami usually is where I'm dripping with sweat just getting geared up to ride my bike, without actually riding it.

Three steps forward to anyone who got all of that last "sentence" on the first, or even second, go 'round. An additional step forward to anyone who thought my adaptation of the word celcius was at all clever. . . it may not have been at all clever but at least I tried. Which reminds me of this story. . .

Once upon a time (or Back In The Day, as the kids sometimes say) whilst involved with a ceremony at church (no laughing, please) I was standing around with my brothers and at least one other "older" person. (Remember that when you're young even people two hours older than you are "older.") I don't remmeber the exact conversation but not surprisingly it was centered around the Virgin Mary and various jokes that might pertain to such a singularity as her. At some point, rather innocently I might add, I piped up and blurted out, "But I thought Mary had a little lamb!?" Welll, I'm pretty sure I didn't understand how funny that might be and on what levels but I did think I was funny and the "older" kids actually laughed and I felt a little too good about myself. When asked where I came up with my fine little interjection I responded something to the effect of, "You gotta swing the bat if you wanna hit a homerun." About as genius as those sports commentators who point out that the team who scores more points is gonna win the game. Fin.

Quite the masterpiece above, eh?
Everyone who read that take one step back cause you probably just got a little dumber having read it.

Ok, so far dinners have been taken in the hotel restaurant (which is excellent but not exactly lively) so tonight it's off to the pub for the Man U football match (hopefully) and some rumproast. Papenburg is only about fifteen-thousand people so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get a seat at the bar.

Five steps forward to anyone who snickered at the word, "rumproast."

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