Moving Day

I suppose I should have saved that subject title for if I ever decide to get out of Florida but for now it will be used to say that I'm moving onto the ship tomorrow but will only be there a few days before I fly back to Ft. Lauderdale. Got a month in the ol' F-L and then on to a job in Virginia followed by (hopefully) a little R&R&RA.  (Rest & Relaxation & Running Around)
See cause I'm so smart that with my two weeks off I think I'll go to IAD, PHX, FLG and PDX just for kicks (and gradumifications, hilarity, familiarity and quasi-family).  And seriously I've used the airport codes cause for a few of these places it might feel like that's all I've seen.  Of course this might all change (well, at least drop the last airport code) if I need to go to Finland for meetings regarding the Allure of the Seas sometime in May. 
However, as a few people love to remind me I've got it good.  Real good.  (Too bad I keep remembering that it's all relative.)  And I do remember that. . . . I guess.  Now if someone will just remind me of that when I'm on that eleven hour flight from Amsterdam to Houston on Thursday, I'll be fine.  Actually, I'll be fine if I can just get an aisle seat. 

Well, as usual, I'm rambling.  Managed to work out And drink just a little tonight which seems to make me mellow.  Perhaps I shouldn't write posts when listening to the slower songs by Tool (mom, don't bother looking that band up).  Happy thoughts to all.

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