T-I-D-E. . . Tired

Or so a certain woman in a certain BB King song would lead me to write. Cause that's how ya spell tired when you're too tired to say all the letters.

I leave Tokyo manana. Bound for Wisconsin I am. Culture shock here I come. Quite a few people might think that I'd rather be here than at my destination. Arguments for = fresh sushi, cute Japanese girls and the "thrill" of traveling in foreign lands. Arguments against = big fat steak, a pace not designated by twelve million people living in one small area and shit howdy! have you ever even met my brother in Wisconsin?!?!? The man is a laugh riot #1 cowboy genius comedian savant extraordinaire! (Seriously, if the adjectives don't get separated by commas it means a little something extra.) Oh yeah, and he has been reported to read the dictionary while patronizing the latrine! (Though I have never witnessed such actions myself and I'm sure he only studies the words of our forebearers as a means to add to his legendary cowboy genius status. The cad!)

So I must say that Singapore and Tokyo were great (especially the food, which will likely warrant a whole folder on Flickr but will sadly never be seen by my great foodie-friend Missus Brandy Sue Loo Hoo Harms-(insert Italian sounding name here). But that's ok because perhaps the Indian Ocean connection with the weak ankles will pick up on the pictures and upon her next meeting with the Loo Hoo will convince her that she should spend some serious time in Asia for her new food blog.) But, uh, yeah, food is good. . . especially here.

As usual I'm quite obviously babbling, which is a serious sign that I haven't had enough to drink tonight. However, fat and happy as I always am I'd like to take this opportunity to say that too much time spent in large cities might be bad for people. Perhaps I've spent a day too many wandering around incredibly crowded streets just waiting for my head to snap on that one guy or gal who isn't Asian but then again, perhaps I just need to relax and visit another Onsen. More likely, I'd say.

Final thought: In light of reviewing the above post I wonder if I'm allowed to write an entire entry within parentheses? Does writing within little sideways arcs mean that I didn't mean any of it? Are asides considered a permanent thought as opposed to a flightful fancy? Do tangents hold rank with the 'real' words that supposedly make up the trunk of this grammatical experiment? Am I more full of shit than a dung beetle's nest?


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