Trial By Sea

Don't you hate it when people put a title on something that's MUCH more interesting than the actual writing below will be? At least you've been warned this time around.

I'm writing mostly because the ship comes back at 0400 tomorrow and though I don't have to be there when it arrives the actual arrival is nonetheless a distinct representation of a shift in lifestyle for me. Gone are the ten to twelve hour days and newly born are the twelve-plus (at least) days. In a way I look forward to it because there's never a dull moment and at the end of most days we can kick back with a beer in the warehouse and reflect on how much we loaded on the ship that day and all the fun complications we had. There's certainly more satisfaction in physically seeing things get done than writing emails and fielding phone calls all day.

That being said, I had a moment today when I realized (probably for the Nth time) how much I'm actually following my chosen university studies. I had two majors in college; broadcasting and journalism. Granted I don't think I spend nearly enough time in front of the camera (the news world would melt from either adoration or madness if my mug appeared on the nightly news) but despite my horrible grammar I do spend plenty of time writing emails and reports. Mostly I remember courses that focused on future technologies and that was at a time when I didn't even own a cell phone. Now I carry a minimum of two mobiles with me almost always and half the time there's a radio or two involved and I've thought about getting a pager just cause I like that retro-look. (There's an 8-track in my Honda Element.)

So that's about it for my night before the storm login event. I might still have a few minutes to myself online every day but as I've proven before I doubt I'll be writing much here. Sadly I probably won't even have any interesting pictures until the ship is closer to finish and then certainly once it gets to Fort Lauderdale. I'm off to bed at twenty-two hundred and feeling pretty okay about that. However, a little White Stripes on the Archos might have something to say about that. A little late night work ever killed anyone. . . but if you've ever seen a guy who looks like he got maimed by his computer you might have accidentally stumbled upon a little something the interwebs don't want you to hear about. User Abuse: when a computer abuses it's user by dragging them into a cybertronic abyss despite Hurculean efforts to avoid it and often completely unbeknownst to the user until three hours later when cramps have formed and social life has been abandoned.

And as usual. . . I regress.

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