Things are going pretty well over here. Obviously work is about eighty percent of my time but the free time is okay, though too brief. As you may have noticed I try to stay off the laptop when I get back to the hotel (and with the nine or ten hour time difference for most of you I haven't been keeping up with too many people). Been hitting the basketball court at least a few times a week and of course there is occasionally a night on the town. No Finnish girlfriend though and in about a week I'm probably going to move onto the ship.

It's nice living on the ship cause my commute drops from twenty minutes to twenty seconds but of course it's also nice to get away from the yard each night right now. Guess there's nothing left to do but convert our office container into a bar every night around twenty-one hundred hours. I just hope they finish the basketball court on deck 15 soon since basketball (and lifting heavy boxes that give me drunken Yoda looking bruises) seems to be the only exercise I'm interested in these days. Finally got a cruiser bike in the yard though and rode the whole shipyard today.

The ship is getting there. There used to be a pontoon with cranes on the starboard side but they've removed that in preparation for departure for sea trials on Monday.


Yeah. . . she's huge. And yes, the lower part is also baby blue. I hear the under water hull is hot pink with purple stripes and teal writing that says, "Eat our wake." But that could all be rumor.

I've got an easy day tomorrow and I'm not even going in until nine o'clock!!! Holy cow, whatever will I do. (Oh yeah. . . sleep.) Of course there's always a million things I can do to get ready for the storm that's about to hit. We've got more than two-hundred, forty-foot containers worth of material to load between about October first and October twenty-eighth. Should be good times. However, the ship is on sea trials from Monday till Thursday this week so I can get a lot of rest if I want to. Amazingly it hasn't gotten very cold here yet. It's actually fifty-four degrees right now at half past ten at night. However, apparently we'll wake up one morning over here and it will just be downright cold. . . and then it will stay that way until about June. I'm hoping for one more week of good weather since the ship will be gone and I can tear up the blacktop (and my knees) playing ball every afternoon. (Knock on Wood for good weather. But try not to hurt my brother too bad. (And if you got that joke I say, "mornin' to you."))

Along a different stratification I think I'll be heading to Idaho for Thanksgiving this year. After three months of working almost every day it will be amazing to sit back, play with my adorable nieces and eat a twenty-four pound turkey over the course of a week. Mmmmm, tryptophan induced coma. (Insert drool here.) Off to a good book and a soft bed. Kiipis from Turku.

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