Somethin's Gotta Give

. . . and it might be me.  Point of fact, I find it pathetic that I only seem to be motivated to write on this page when I'm pissed and feel like moaning about it.  Piss and moan, that's my style I guess.  Well, I guess the only other motivation is sharing exactly how silly my travel plans can be sometimes.  Case in point is my current situation. . . I'm currently in Bremerhaven, Germany on a job that goes through the beginning of May.  Not too big a deal as far as my job is concerned.  I've already got a trip planned to DC for a good friend's wedding at the end of April which is great because I normally wouldn't leave a job, even one as long as this. I get to jet out of here for a quick weekend of No Work and good people.  Then there's the other end of that spectrum, cause sure, it sucks that I'll be flying to DC on Friday and back to Germany on Sunday but it's for a good cause.  The other end is what might happen to me next week.  Last minute flight to Victoria, BC from Germany.  Leave Sunday, in Victoria on Monday, meetings on Tuesday, flight Wednesday morning, back in Germany on Thursday afternoon.  Work the dry dock on Friday. 

Not exactly my idea of a good time.  Maybe if I fit in an airline seat I'd take it a little better.  I used to think I was uncomfortable in plane seats cause I'm overweight. . . or cause of my height. . . then I noticed how much wider my shoulders are than the damn back of the seat.  Ridiculous that the airlines get away with selling the same seat to everyone.  But as usual, I really can't complain. . . rather be tall than not.  By the way the airport codes in Canada are awesomeness. 

Example1:  San Francisco = SFO = Logical
Example1a:  Vancouver  = VYR = Quasi-logical
Example 2:  Oakland = OAK = Logical
Example 2a:  Victoria = YYJ = completely illogical as far as I'm concerned.
Ok, I'm sure there's a good reason for those airport codes, but I'm truly just too lazy to look them up.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. . . Yes, I'm procrastinating.  Not from anything in particular.  Actually, I'm about to head onto the ship and go straight to bed (sleep being the greatest procrastination tool of all time) but I should really spend another 20 minutes rifling through my bloated inbox and wantonly erasing things I should probably keep.  Maybe my hard drive will crash. . . my oldest bro already had to help me revive this piece of junk once this job. .  . a few days without emails would be awesomeness personified in the person of me, being awesome, not answering emails, exemplifying awesomeosity and generally walking around awesoming it up.  If you know what I mean.

Tomorrow's word to butchasdardize. . . . stellar.

(AC gets three points (not called) off the glass for being the inspiration of tomorrow's word.)
(Just spelled checked this bad boy and awesomeness is actually a word.  Guess what that is.  That's right. . . that's awesome.)
(BTW, CC gets props for retro-actively inspiring today's basbutchardized word. . . cause I seem to remember her saying it all the time.)

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