"Crisis" Averted

Yeah, we can step it down from code orange people. I won't be flying to Vancouver. . . or at least not before tomorrow! (Thank Dog we don't use the Homeland security color coding system of possible terror level to describe everything we're doing in life. It has just got to be the stupidest rating system ever. Right now the ship has fliers pasted all over that put the ship on "orange" alert of some such nonsense. They always do that during dry dock but it seems to me that a person is much more likely to get clipped by a fork lift walking along the pier than to suffer at the hands of some demented terrorist hell bent on destroying all western influence on the world. All I know is that I get frisked each night when I board the ship to go to bed. . . even when I don't set off the metal detector. Must be my sheer animal magnetism.

It's later now. And actually right after I typed that last little ditty it's even later now. Later and with slightly more libations. And to that end I'M DONE. Not even DUNN. . . past that. . . right on to just not wanting to do anything but sleep. Enough bitching, badgering, bantering, blasphemy, buoyancy and basic biology. It's the Bed for me.

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