Well, my first dry dock in Freeport and I'm bored outta my skull.  Okay, not quite that bored but seeing as how I'm not the lead Project Manager on this seven day work party the job is leaving a bit to be desired.  Really I'm only here to learn the capabilities of the shipyard in preparation for my three week project coming up in February.  Hell, I ain't even been out to the one town on the island yet. . . but seeing as how everything is imported to this island (and therefore ridiculously expensive) I don't think I'm going to lose any sleep over it.

Not much else to report at this time.  A beer or glass of wine in the crew bar costs a buck, but I've been pretty good about not abusing that.  It's pretty funny watching everyone walk away from the bar with their purchase limit though. . . a six pack or a bottle of wine per person, that's ALL you're allowed.  Funny.  Welcome to dry dock.  Even the easy jobs ones drive people to drink.

Unfortunately there's not much here to take pictures of but I'll try to post something interesting again someday.  I sort of promise.

Aside from this job, um. . . oh yeah, the family winter trip to Wisconsin was pretty sweet.  Ma, two bros, one bro's wife and one bouncing, baby niece.  My brother's kid was pretty much the entertainment the majority of the time.  She was about to turn one so she almost walks (the argument could be made that she took her first steps in the W-I), sorta talks (babbles), and generally has one helluva personality on 'er.  Aside from tossing the baby around there were cocktails and trap shooting and dinners with semi-distant relatives and a bonfire (complete with roasted snow balls), quite a bit of scrabble played and general christmas frivolity.  It was a very good time and caused me to forget quite a bit about work. . . in fact I'm finding that I still have a problem with remembering some of the things I am supposed to remember for work.  Oh well. 

Happy Frickin' Monday Everyone!
(today is Monday. . . right?)

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