Never Met A Waffle I Did Not Like

Well, I'm here in Brussels with that guy from college that I used to know.  We took the chunnel from London today and arrived without serious incident.  Caught a guy with his hand in the literal cookie jar as we were getting off a tram here in the city.  He had unzipped one of the pockets on T's backpack and his hand was literally IN the pocket when I turned around and caught him.   Thankfully there was nothing in the pocket to steal so there wasn't too much of a confrontation.
Brussels is beautiful but it's fairly chilly right now.  Oh yeah, and snowing.  Chilly and snowing.  Let's go to Northern Europe in February he thought. . . they'll be less crowds.  Super thinkin' there, Tex.
I'm uploading some photos to flickr right now.   Just a few from Oxford.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Europe. Cold. February. Brilliant. If only one of you had a degree. Or hell, even better, 2 degrees. Oh yeah. Hey, did you ever hear the one about the "Royale with Cheese?" I think that it has something to do with how regal the folks are over there, compared to us peasants. Or maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with us using the "Not-Metric System." Nah, it's gotta be the regal thing. Say hi to Blue...


ik said...

so wait ............... there was or wasn't a cookie jar in the backpack?
or was the cookie jar just that piss poor that it wasn't worth stealing.
I'm cornfussed.
Maybe you should just share the cookies.

ad said...

To Fitty - Go ride a bike.
To Ik - There was no actual cookie in the backpack. However, the backpack and the stranger's hand inside one of the outside pockets of said backpack were both very real. Did I mention that nothing was taken? Shook TC a bit anyway.