Tickling Is Evil

Well, I've gone and created another hiccup in the esophagus of my
life. Somehow I managed to fracture a bone in my right elbow on
Thursday night. . . all I was doing was tickling a girl. Now before
your minds reach the end of the gutter and drop into the drain I have
to make sure you know that it was nothing kinky and in fact was the
weakest way I've ever been injured. I thought I had just
hyperextended my elbow or maybe sprained it. But the next day my arm
kept getting bigger and bigger as I drove to Flagstaff. The next
morning I almost passed out from the pain so I checked myself into the
Flag medical center.

Of course, they can't actually find the fracture so I need to get more
film done later this week. I'm currently in a soft cast and a sling
while receiving some much needed help from some hydrocodone. Decent
stuff but I seem to be too large of a guy for these things to work
properly. Needless to say I won't be doing another tour for awhile
and this may end my season.

Cheers and beers.


Cheri said...

And to think, you used to take of boo boos, now you are a boo boo!

Anonymous said...

I hope you @ least got her to laugh.
please say you got her to laugh...........for your elbow's sake...........say you made her laugh.

Adome said...

Of all the chapters in Difflebopper legend and lore when it comes to women ... this is easily the most pathetic. Of course, it would be one of the finest moments in my history ... but this is a Bob Dilfer happening for you.