Done and Dunn

Well, finished my Norther Trail successfully (though you wouldn't know it by the tips) and now I've been told that I've only got one more trip this season and then I'm through.  I sprint to Salt Lake City over the weekend and then start a specialty trip on Tuesday the 6th.  I should actually be really excited about this trip because we're going to some amazing places that I haven't been this summer. . . or ever.
Three nights in Moab, UT.
Monument Valley
The NORTH Rim of the Grand Canyon (that's the big one).
Zion for two nights
Bryce Canyon
Yosemite for THREE nights
Point Reyes above San Francisco
 and the we end in San Fran on Friday the 23rd. 
All I have to do after that is get them to the airport on the 24th.   I'll have one more night in the SF hotel and then sprint back down to LA in order to wrap up the season.  I'm a bit burned right now so I've secured a day by the pool for myself and I'm about to head that direction right now. 
Public Kudos once again to by Cousin-in-Law's good childhood friend (you know, the guy who drives the Lotus. . . I stilll don't believe that 190hp thing) for loaning me a laptop while he BUILDS me another Powerbook.  If anyone knows what to get for the guys who has everything let me know.
And I'm off.

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