A Fluid Schedule

As it turns out there was a good reason for me NOT to update this page
for a while. If I HAD updated it a few weeks ago (as I SHOULD have)
then I would have had to post about five other entries just to
retract, change, retract and change what my schedule is going to be
with Trek. Here's what has happened recently.

I finished my Westerner2 and then started a Western Wonder on the
thirtieth of May. The tour finished on June fifth BUT I managed to
injure my foot on the first day of that tour and I had to cancel my
next Western Wonder that was scheduled to leave the following day.
(The actual tour wasn't cancelled, of course, but another tour leader
took the trip for me.)

So, unbeknownst to many of you I have been at home for the past week
and a half! My apologies if you didn't receive a visit or a phone
call from me. My oldest brother was in town the first week and I
spent a lot of time trying to heal my foot. At that time I believed
that I would be returning to work this past week sometime and then
start a trip called the Pacific Crest on the eighteenth.

A few days into my healing process I was told that I would be
'sprinting' my van to the East Coast and running a tour called the
Best of the East. Needless to say I was intruiged with the
possibility of doing a copule of eastern tours. (I know nothing of
the East!) At the time I was all set to leave from the Bay Area and
just bolt out on I-80 across the country. They told me there was no
reason for me to return to LA-LA-Land if I didn't feel it was
necessary. Heh.

So on Wednesday of this week I had myself prepared to leave for the
East Coast on Thursday. Sure enough, I got a call on Wednesday
telling me that as long as I was going out East I may as well come to
LA first and pick up a bunch of camping gear that is needed at the New
Jersey office. Great. I arrived in LA yesterday, after sitting on
the 405 for about two hours, and got into the office this morning.
This morning they were about thirty minutes from loading my van with
an insane amount of gear when things were brought to a halt. I
reported to the office of the man who handles all tour leaders who
aren't rookies and he revamped the schedule.

At this point I AM NOT going to the East Coast but rather am doing a
Southern Sun trip on the twenty-ninth. That trip will take me across
the southern part of the country and will finish up in New York on the
nineteenth of July.

Good times. This however, means that I will definitely have time to
update this bad boy. Of course, most of you are perceptive enough to
realize that I just had a week and a half at home when I could have
updated this thing but I think we already covered why I'm glad that I

Perhaps I'll wait to write more until my trip is changed again.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you've met your match for changing plans!
Love you, Mom

brittany said...

Hey there trekkie - That's life on the road ain't it? Darn, no beast for you, too bad, I was looking forward to hearing you gripe about it. Southern suns are my specialty! I did four.....damn it sucks driving across texas, but if you want any good advice I can give ya some!