Big Surprise

Well, duh.

Of course I haven't written a well crafted, time consuming entry for
this site. Of course I haven't utilized my brother's generosity with
a program that will allow me to post pictures here in addition to
text. Of course I'm bitching about what I HAVEN'T done instead of
celebrating what I have done.

Good Times.

I leave on my Southern Sun tomorrow. If you want a rough outline of
my schedule you can find it here.
I've only made a few changes to the tour. Spending two nights in
Austin, TX instead of San Antonio. Hopefully putting three nights in
New Orleans. . . that sort of thing. It might be a bit of a crazy

Second and third nights are in Vegas. There will be another tour
paralleling me for most of the trip so we will have 23 passengers
between us. In Vegas we've booked a 650 stretch limo truck for all 25
of us. Check it out on this poorly designed website.
Look for the Ford-650 Monster Truck Limo.
Should be interesting.

For the Fourth we're staying at a Cowboy Camp near Monument Valley.
There will be 4-6 trek groups there, fireworks are allowed, no quiet
hours and the camp has even hired a band to top off the event. Should
be different.

In Austin I'll be taking anyone over 21 who is interested to a Bob
Schneider show. He's one of my favorite artists at the moment and the
owner of the bar has reserved us a huge table front and center. We'll
be close enough to spit on the entertainment. . . though most likely
we'll just clap instead. Should be okay.

New Orleans. Let's just hope the group goes for the third night so I
can really get my jazz fix in. Shouldn't be too bad.

Washington D.C. will see us for two days. No big events planned here
but I'm not complaining. Should be hot and humid.

Along the way we have the option of bungee jumping, horse rides, quad
rides, swamp tour, river rafting, fight clubs, jazz clubs, water
slides and some other stuff. Fun stuff. One of those might be a lie.

Well this is my 'Friday' so I'm gonna get outta the office early. One
thing I'd like to say is that I'm a little depressed about the lack of
email in my inbox. Feels a little like people think I never read my
email. Hell, not only do I read it but I usually respond. How's that
for thorough.

Cheese whiz.

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Anonymous said...

I email you, do you check your email? Or, what email address should I use.

The Cheesewhizzer's dad