Time To Go

Ever find your life revolving around one thing? And have you then realized that the one 'thing' your life is revolving around isn't even happening at that moment, but rather the 'thing' will be happening in the future. I've suddenly remembered how terrible it is to live in the future (even the near future). This reminds me of finishing high school while thinking of nothing but college. It's such a rough life. . . . heh.

For those who haven't heard I will be starting Trek on March 24th. I fly down to LA for training on the 23rd and there are a myriad of tasks for me to complete before I make that trip. New cell phone, health insurance, store truck, clip toenails, attain my commercial drivers license, etc. etc. I will leave for a seventeen day training trip on the 24th and then I will either start in as a leader or go on a secondary trek where I am the assisting leader (or somethin' like that). No matter how you look at it next weekend will be my last stationary weekend in the BA for a while.

So I'm sittin' here watching Dennis Leary on Comedy Central. I've got a cold Red Stripe to my left, a brand new ipod (still in the box) to my right and I'm typing this on my new Apple Powerbook. I'm thinking of getting the Apple logo tattoed on my forehead. . . backwards, of course. That way when I'm looking in the mirror or running after a car like some human ambulance the logo will come out correctly. I'll be logging off pretty quick here to open that second item up and have some adult fun (though not the kind of adult fun that requires an adult bookstore).

I would apologize for the length of time since my last log but in my mind the people who I want reading this will be sympathetic to my situation and rather than ridicule me will instead treat me as their favorite televangelist and show me some charity in the next week and a half. Should the word Angel be allowed to exist within the word televangelist?

Just curious.

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