Three and One-Half Days

Yesterday was my last day of work at SFD. A group of the supervisors took me out for lunch at a little place called Soo Fong's. . . . good bowl of soup, let me tell you. One of the guys ordered up a cake in celebration of the occassion and the writing on the cake went something like this;

Get the Hell
Out of Here

I've heard of the writing being on the wall but this is ridiculous.
I'd like to thank that particular supervisor and wish him the best with his ADD.

The irony in the message is that many people at the yard have been pressuring me to leave for some time now. They usually site the fact that if they were in my situation (i.e. my age, education, etc.) there's no way in hades that they'd stick around a shipyard. Personally, I had a virtual plethora of good times over the past two years. However, the last straw was realizing that even though my tenure was short lived I actually look about 5 years older. Aging at that exponential rate I'd look 40 when I actually turn 30.

All that being said I technically haven't quit SFD. I'm taking a four month leave of absence which will be extended for another two to four months when it expires.

'Nuf about that. I'm flying to LA on Tuesday night. Gotta get crackin'. At some point I may have to pack some bags or something. But I guess it's only six months. Heh.

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