Still Don't Know Finnish

For some reason I haven't felt like writing anything while I've been here in Turku. It's been about seven weeks and I've had a lot more fun, taken more days off and visited more places than I did last year in ten weeks total. I should at least post some pictures on flickr or snapfish or somewhere! Lazy, that's what I am. Lazy homo sapien. That would be my rap name. . . if I were a rapper.

Good friend visited for two weeks in August and we had good times in Helsinki, Stockholm and Turku. Took the overnight ferry to Stockholm and that is definitely a different experience. Sort of a mini-cruise. It was nice to be in Stockholm again since I already know my way around. Hard city to get lost in anyway cause you get a little wet if you go too far in any single direction. I had aspirations of getting to Tallin before the end (only a two hour drive to Helsinki and a two hour ferry to Tallin) but things are about to ramp up on the Allure so that's probably not going to happen.

BUT the weather is still relatively warm here. Gets above 50 degrees every day but we've had some seriously heavy rainstorms. I'll take it though cause when the cold snap comes (and stays) is will rarely get above 40-45 degrees during the day. But the warehouse we've got this year will be a helluva lot better than the tent we had last year. I've decided tents should only be used for camping, not warehousing.

But for now it's time to find some grub and think about whether I should brave the outside world tonight. The Irish Bar nearly did me in last night so it might be a good night for a sauna and a good book. Need to enjoy my last few weekends of relative sanity and that rare feeling that I don't have a ton of work that I should be getting done. Heck, maybe I won't even come into the warehouse tomorrow. . . sounds magical to me.

Perhaps there will be pictures and stories soon. . . never can tell.

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