Is That A Rocket In Your Pocket? Or. . .

My man TC writes, "…there’s a rocket launcher looking think on your flicker at picture 1100526. What is that thing and, if it is indeed a rocket launcher as I suspect it is, can I get one shipped stateside for an engagement gift?"


My answer: That is ABSOLUTELY a rocket launcher, Brother! And HOW! You never know when those crazy pirates are gonna snap up that grand ol' tradition of hang glider attacks on giant cruise ships! Initially we were just gonna go with millions of doves we could release from the stacks on the ship to interfere with the gliders but eventually a slightly more hi-tech solution made more sense.

Your order has been placed for one (1) industrial strength, self-guiding rocket launcher along with a mounting system for your mountain home. Good luck with the foes you plan on deploying this system against; aggressive mountain elk, flying marmots, raptors and of course, hippies. Happy Hunting!


Ok, actually this is a crane mounted on one of the high points of the Oasis of the Seas.


I won't tell you what the crane is actually for because it's so mind bogglingly dull compared to images of hunting flying marmot pirates from the rooftop of a mountain home (maybe with a few PBRs alongside) that you'd probably pass out from lack of blood to the brain due to all the blood looking for a part of the body that is doing something more interesting than thinking about what this crane is actually for.

Good night.

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