I Got Words

Ooh, and pictures! But pictures are probably worth more than words. . . and I do have quite a few pictures. . . so does that mean my words are moot?. . . or mute? Hmm, something not to think about. You may think that I've been drinking (and there might be a smidgen of truth to that) but the reality is that I've mostly been poring (if not pouring) over gigantic spreadsheets all day trying to get a handle on this job I find myself on. Not that I don't love container manifests, airway bills, obscure reference numbers that people tend to make up and place in a spreadsheet as if they hold some significance other than on their own spreadsheet, oh! but I don't. (You corporate people are probably with me. The rest of you take note; live an "alternative" lifestyle. I don't care what it takes. Live with your parents, shoot for the olympics, sell beanie babies on ebay. . . I don't care what it is, just don't let it be "corporate." The best part being if this post manages to get me fired or suspended or somehow otherwise able to find myself with some quality time off because corporations can't let people have private lives anymore and they hafta check if we're just a little too into Weezer on our facebook page. (By the way, I'm not too into Weezer. I think I'm fairly well balanced into an occasional Weezer session.))

But I regress.

Anywhere, here's my suggestion. Check out today's comic on XKCD (right side) and then pick one of my last albums on flickr (same side). Something a little fun is the wedding pictures. Something a little overwhelming (if you know ships) are the pictures of the Oasis. More to come, always more to come. In the meantime I'm gonna try to call it an early night. The days are gonna start startin' earlier and last lasting later. . . darn, couldn't quite make that work.

Oh yeah, and this.

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