Two Days Gone

Welp, two days in Stockholm flew right by. Could have been all the walking, all the beer or the accumulation of all the naps. (I do love a good nap.) Gorgeous city and the people seem friendly. Not that I've met too many, been keeping to myself for the most part. But with eighty degree weather and all this sunlight it's easy to catch a few smiles on the street. . . and a lot of smiles at the outdoors seating at the bars.

I board the cruise tomorrow and guess I'm looking forward to it. I know, I know, I'm going to love it. Probably just wish I had invited someone with who could actually come along. Oh well, we'll see how she goes. No matter what it should at least be restful (though I'm not sure how I can forget about my work in the cruise industry while I'm on board a cruise ship). Life is SO rough.

Got a few pictures around Stockholm but nothing too stunning so maybe I'll post a few on flickr later. I'm sure to have a ton of pictures to upload once I join the Equinox in Eemshaven and have good access again. Yeah. Excitement, adventure, a Jedi craves not these things. . . well, I'm neither a Jedi or an adventure junky. . . I wonder how much a massage costs on the ship. . .

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