On Being A Good American

I am a good American.  Which is not much different than being a good Amur'can.  So far this year I done gone 'n got invested in a small business AND bought a luxury item.  The small business involves a boat and would require a number of posts to properly explain (without actually boring you to death) and the luxury piece came in the form of a gee-tar.  Despite working for a cruise line I don't know much about boats and despite growing up with piano and trumpet lessons I don't know a thing about playing the guitar.  Should make for an interesting winter before I travel again in March.

I'll start to post pictures of the boat and give a few specs and the story once I get everyone's approval for the story going "public" via the interwebs.  And when I say Everyone's approval, I mean it.  There are fourteen people who own part of this boat and before anyone get's too excited you should know that it's definitely a work in progress. . . and probably will be for another year or so.  The guitar on the other hand doesn't need any work at all. . . just needs someone to play it (or learn how).  I'd give both ventures about a fifty-fifty chance of panning out in any sort of positive way.  Cause I'm both a glass half-full AND a glass half-empty kind of guy. . . hence the fifty-fifty. . . what?  Do you want a pie chart for clarification?

What else. . . oh yeah, on a much more important note, I'm an Uncle again!  (Implying that I wasn't for a while?) Now I've got TWO nieces to influence in my own particular way.  I'm still debating which Uncle personality to go with.  I'm leaning towards the slightly-off-Uncle-that-the-kids-like-cause-he-brings-them-stuff-from-other-countries but there's always the classic quasi-cool-uncle-that's-never-around. . . but then of course, I've have to be cool.  

Well, I'm definitely not cool but I am finishing off my work day by writing this.  Sorry there's no fun work stories or amusing anecdotes about monkeys or lemurs.  So Flo is surprisingly lacking in both animals.  I do have a short, four day dry dock coming up in February.  We're gonna exchange a whole azipod on the Summit.  Should be interesting in only four days. . . kinda like exchanging that diesel engine block on the Jewel in four days in Boston back in October.  Like Kevin Nealon once said, "Life is circular, Happy.  You've gotta block out the bad and let in the good."

Block, Bad.
In, Good.


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