A Wild Saturday Night

Unfortunately the title of this post is a little misleading. Scratch that, it's just downright sarcastic. I filed my taxes last night. Sweet. My boy, you are the epitome of a good time! One of the roommates even asked if I was going out in an attempt to get himself motivated. . . I failed him most thoroughly. But on the flip side the government owes me money and Florida doesn't even take income tax so unless you own a business or property or any of that fun stuff you don't even have to file in Florida.

I knew there were some reasons I moved down here. It's the little things. Silver linings on hard pillows as it were.

So, we had a few reasonably cool days and some actual cool nights but now we're back to the business or making people sweat. Personally, I'm avoiding it today by organizing things in general; my room, computer, lemurs, addresses, small wicker baskets and whatever else I can find. Figure the soonest I'll move out is in October when the warehouse/office I work at moves twenty miles to the Northwest so I may as well hang something up on the walls of my bedroom. Silly.

(By the way, will someone please tell me when I reach an age where it is no longer acceptable for me to just be renting a room in a house and I need to force my cheap self to rent my own place? Thanks.)

Whelp, time to find that Motivation. I think I saw it under the bed earlier curled up with a bottle of vodka. Maybe I'll name my Motivation and join him in an attempt at brotherly bonding that will later result in him spending more time with me. Hank. My Motivation might be named Hank.



TmfC said...

Renting a room in a house is like renting a hotel room by the hour, you can never be too old. Near as I can figure it, you are providing a valuable source of stable income assistance to the owner and are most likely single handedly propping up the economy of Hollywood, FL through your choice of residence. I say kudos to you good sir.

ad said...

heh, heh. . . TC funny. Of course the funniest thing is what Steph called him when she was here. Seems she may have mis-heard me when I first mentioned his 'name.'