So (you ask not really knowing if you really want to know or not. . . um. . . want to know) what have I been up to these days? Nothin' special. Sorry to disappoint.

Fully moved in to the new place but not fully unpacked. Been to the gym a little bit lately, been at work a lot lately (go figure) and been planning next year a lot. I think I might have a preliminary schedule laid out through April of next year so maybe I'll try to get that put up on here at some point.

In the meantime you can check out my upcoming Saturday night plans. . .
I guess I know someone who knows someone who probably once had a dog who may have had a former owner who happens to know someone who has a place with a balcony somewhere on the Ft. Lauderdale waterways, which happen to be where this event takes place. All I know is that it's gotta beat out the Candy Cane Parade I attended last weekend. No, I'm not joking.

All I know is it's still pretty darn warm down here but in less than two weeks I'll be freezing everything off at my bro's house up in Wisconsin.

I wonder how much frostbite I actually need to suffer until I'll feel like coming back to So Flo.


TmfC said...

It's not so much "how much" frostbite, but more appropriately, "where" you suffer the frost bite.

ad said...

I'm planning on getting frostbite in the belly region and then shedding a few pounds. Now get yer mind outta the gutter. This is a family show.

ik said...

I'm pretty sure if you get it, you'll suffer the frostbite outside.
That what you meant, right T.C.?

TmfC said...

Outside, inside, reaching for a cold beverage in the freezer...obviously. I think that Florida has jaded you AD, maybe a little wholesome family time in WI is just what you need. Thanks for clarifying Ik, it sounds like you and Ed may have to schedule an intervention to restore your brother's innocence.