First Trek

Let me start. . . . will ya let me start?
I haven't read the previous posts and I think I will just let any ensuing confusion and contradiction stand.

Yesterday was a bit rough here in the office. It was the third day in a row of creating work for ourselves and while there are a lot of things to be re-organized and cleaned up from the winter lull I can't say that any of it was particularly enjoyable (especially at our current rate of pay). Thankfully the winds of change blew in with the afternoon sun and I was given some more info about my first possible trip. We are still doing a sprint to Denver from Sunday to Wednesday and then I will have two days to finish preparing for two trips that I'm leading back to back starting on the 25th of April.

The trips I will likely be doing are called the Western Wonder. It is the same trip and I just run it in reverse for the second group. It should go something like this.

25th - LA to the Colorado R. Probably stay at the southern tip of Lake Havasu.
26th - Grand Canyon ('nuf said)
27-28th - Las Vegas. A stretch limo tour the first night, and the second day is a free day for the group so I might get some personal time.
29-30th - Yosemite. Another tough draw (yeah, right). Once again I will sort of have a day 'off' on the full day there because I'm not required to hike with my passengers. However, I plan to hike as much as possible so. . .
May 1st - We drive to San Francisco and the trip ends at 5pm. I then proceed to finalize my accounts for the first trip and more importantly get the van and equipment ready for the second trip.

The second Western Wonder trip will begin on the 2nd and follow the exact same route in reverse. It will be amazing to have that much hiking time in Yosemite in the span of a week. I was going to say that staying in Vegas for free that much will be a great but I think I'll probably get tired of it pretty quick. Guess I better take up gambling.

Lunch is over and I was just issued all of my equipment. No van yet but I have to thoroughly check all of my equipment before I leave so I guess I'll go set up 8 tents.

I think I'll write an entry on how I broke the living bugeezus out of my new $1300 laptop next. Good times.

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