Bopping a Diffle

dif-fle-bop-per (dif-full-bop-er) noun 1. a person who enjoys the majestic pastime of vexing diffles, usually by striking them about the head and shoulders.
(a la Little Bunny Foo Foo who was known to pick up field mice and bop them upon the head.)
2. a member of the Ditlefsen clan.

diffle (dif-full) noun 1. a rare type of North America snipe. (usually found in dense brush)
2. a moniker for close-minded people.


OneRuler said...

Sweet! First to comment. You should add those definitions to Wikipedia man.

ad said...

You think so? I thought it had a little more basis in the real world than that. . . which probably shows you how much time I've spent on THAT website. Anyway, I don't really know the complete angle I'm gonna take for this thing but most likely I'll keep it mostly for family. . . . G rated. . . and that doesn't mean Gangsta Rated.

OneRuler said...

yeah ... uhm ... the Wiki comment was kinda facetious. Guess I need to work on better emoting my sarcasm in an online post.

ad said...

That's right, you better emote.